Road Trip Like A Dog


My dog, Lola the Lab, is the ultimate in absolute “in the moment living.”  She’ll stop in the middle of virtually anything to sniff, scratch, eat something, seek attention, or check out any whim that immediately intrigues her.  And the only thing that gets her more excited than a snack or a walk, is going somewhere in the car.  Doesn’t really matter where.  Though if boats or boards are involved, the excitement level climbs another notch.  Taking a ride means and unending variety of sights, sounds, aromas, unusual eats, and unexpected destinations.

In my humble opinion, taking a classic American road trip is best served  like my pooch experiences.  Without agenda and in good company.  Here’s the guidelines – to probably ignore.

Buds – sure you can go it alone.  However good company enhances the journey.  Gives you harmony for bad singing, and lessens the guilt of mainlining a can of Pringles.  Additionally, what a great medium to discover if a casual friend can become a lot less casual.  Make more time for those important to you.

Skip the planning stage.  Lola doesn’t know or care where she’s going.  Neither should you. Stop where you want.  Eat when your hungry.  Sleep when you’re tired.  Investigate anything you see that warrants a “I wonder.” Enhance this with cell phones off or stashed away.  Use a real map and maybe follow some of those squiggly lines.  Ask a local about the coolest breaks, paddles, shops, or must sees.  Talk to someone new.

Awesome music and reads.  Have both.  When you need a break form alternative reggae, bad radio commercials, or endless debates, read aloud.  We’re never too old to be read to.

Dare to explore.  When you make reservations for a destination, you’re taking a vacation. When you go without plans, its a road trip.  Adversity and adventure sharpen your experience.  Wrong turns open up windows to the unknown.

It’s time. Whether a weekend, a week, or months. Throw some crap in the car, load your toys, gather, and go.  See you “up the coast.”



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