Guerilla Shuttle Bike Drop


“J” insists on staying anonymous.  But I finally caught him on our local causeway walking away from a bright, graffiti painted mountain bike.  It was unlocked and leaning on a bike rack.  Stenciled in bold letters was, “ride and return.”  He agreed to spill about what he was up to.

“J” finds abandon bikes, usually curbside.  Tunes ’em up, gets them running, makes sure they clash with just about anything, welds on his initials, and leaves them wherever. “Lately, I’ve picked the causeway for my drops.  Let’s say a kayaker or paddle boarder ends up facing an unexpected return headwind.  This way they can grab a ride back to their vehicle instead of a long barefoot walk.  Then just leave the bike leaning against the nearest palm.”

Ultimate random act of kindness and coolness.  So if you see a garishly painted two wheeler around your favorite paddle spot, hit with a little WD40, pump up the tires, and pay it forward for the next shuttle.  If you see “j” doing the drop, pretend like you don’t know ‘nothin.DSC_0017

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