Health – Body and Mind


The requests are in.  We have to start a “health” column.  I’d been thinking (no headaches this time) about it for some time.  I know when I’m out on the water with friends, especially surfing or paddling, there’s practically a symbiosis of good vibes and physical satisfaction.  And winding out the session, long stares over the water, cleaning up and strapping down, a certain bliss wraps us all with a comforting hug.  I don’t think the word “health” captures this feeling.

“Vigor,” on the other hand, has synonyms for every letter of the alphabet.  Active, good health, mental energy, and vitality to name a few.  Our goal here is to bring you some useful info to improve your water time and your life. Or as it’s Anglo/French roots convey, be lively, flourish, and thrive.

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