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Right now our home court is circled by thunder boomers and flukey winds.  Kinda wish we were somewhere with better conditions to dip our paddles.  So here’s two in the never ending Florida line up.smyrna 1

New Smyrna Beach, FL  Just an hour north east of Orlando on the Atlantic Coast, consistently rated in the top 20 surf towns worldwide.  You’ll often find the best breaks near the jetties.  If not, hop in your ride and drive on the beach until you find a better swell.  In the mood for mellow flats?  This is Indian River country.  Teeming with wildlife, lagoons, mangroves, and an old downtown you can paddle to.smyrna 2

Chassahowitzka Go ahead, say it out loud. It’s Seminole for “hanging pumpkin place.”  Northwest of Tampa near the Crystal River, this freshwater river meanders through shady canopies and cool water dipping pools.  Great conditions for SUP, especially on a hot summer day, since the spring fed waters are cool all year round.  chassahowitzkaBe there or be square.  Have fun.

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