Good To The Last Drop


Early morning surf or paddle session? Early morning anything?  I grab a strong cup to kickstart my day.  There’s been a crap load of conflicting information over the years both for and against coffee.  The most recent studies, and reviews of over 1200 other studies dating back to the 70s, reveal that moderate amounts of coffee is probably good for you.

With a few caveats: 3-4 cups max per day, not too too hot, tummy troubles, and what you put in it. My favorite, this huge study review was funded by Illy – a major coffee player.

Now the good stuff.  It smells great!  it can increase mood, reaction time, memory, and cognitive function.  Coffee consumption, especially before vigorous activity, increases tissue fat mobilization.  Yup, burn more fat and last longer.  Decreases the risk of Type II diabetes – the kind you can get from lousy diet and not enough exercise.  Coffee drinkers without comorbidity habits, live longer.  DRINK COFFEE AND LIVE LONGER.  Suhweet!  Worried about your liver?  Coffee’s been shown to decrease liver disease.  Maybe that’s why it’s the go to for the “morning after.”  Finally, coffee is loaded with nutritional benefits.  In fact, it’s the biggest source of antioxidants in our western diet.

It appears that some unlucky souls have a genetic or otherwise intolerance to this java elixir.  Most recent studies show that “fast absorbers” of caffeine have higher negative risks.  Fortunately, it’s an easy thing to figure out, even without expensive genetic testing.  Does coffee make you nervous, give you insomnia, or tremors?  If so, steer clear.  It’s probably not good for you and our sincerest condolences.

Even the respected Mayo Clinic states that for most people the benefits of coffee outweigh the risks.  However, adding sugar and/or heavy cream may negate many of the gains.  Likewise, if it’s too hot, there’s an increase in cancer risk.Coffee-surfer

Now being an admitted coffee snob and a functioning caffeine addict, I’m really happy to think that the debate is over and coffee in moderation is super good for me.  Let’s have a cup and talk story.

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