Double The Fun

Two hulls are better than one.


H2ostoked just trialed a truly unique and home grown paddle board this weekend (hey, somebody’s gotta do the dirty work.)  Courtesy of WaterSports West, Largo, FL, we hopped on the LIVE series of multihull SUPs.  Think morphing a SUP with a catamaran.  The result challenges the stereotype of both the look and performance of paddle boards.

LIVE, got its start about four years ago in the Tampa Bay area designing and building catamaran style paddle boards.  They now manufacture three model series.  The Utility – an all around modified multi hull.  Sport – a skinnier go fast board.  And the Live2Fish – a super stable full on multihull with a monster platform.DSC_0430

The construction of these boards mimic boat builders more than board shapers.  A partial hollow design, strategically placed floatation, ultra rigid platform, and a smart hull height/length ratio, translates to amazing tracking and roll resistance.  Included are no less than ten equipment tracks for and endless array of attachments depending on your chosen sport.     DSC_0372

Now the fun part.  As a point of reference, I’m big.  Think out of shape linebacker, pro wrestler, top heavy Russian bear physique.  The first thing i noticed was the attention to fit and finish, and the double layer traction pads.  It provided lots more comfort under knee and foot.  The stiff platform was not only enormous, but segued to responsive movement to paddle strokes.  Turning upwind in a light chop, the twin fins easily kept the board on the straight and narrow.  I could paddle into the wind without sitting or kneeling.  In fact I had less side switches or corrective strokes than with a monohull.  Turning 180 required some bow rudder but was an easy transition.  Overall, the tracking and chop handling characteristics are superb.  DSC_0406

If you’re looking for a stable SUP, and the ability fish, dive, expedition, practice yoga, or load up the kids, look no further than Live.

Find ’em below at the “source”


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