Eagles Eyes The Surf


Another SUP race, on another beach. I had wandered over to the lone artists tent to admire a sick rendition drawing of a tricked out VW board hauler.  Behind me, I was greeted by a saltwater soaked voice – “howzit brother.”  I turned to meet Alain Eagles.


To know the artist is to know the art.  Alain hails from South Africa before moving here to expand his creative business ventures.  “As a kid, I loved sports and loved to express them through drawing.”  After being introduced to surfing, the water bug had bit and Alain  finally settled in coastal south Florida.


Alain uses art and surfing for mutual motivation.  “I get the same feeling of stoke in the creative process as I do on the water.  Both help reach places that touch me deeply.”  One can clearly feel the element of surfing in Alain’s work.  A heartfelt expression of the essence of an international surf culture.  In addition, there is a freshness that digs deeper than the South FL status quo.  Art, surfing, art, surfing?  Hopefully, for us, Alain won’t figure out which comes first.


You can find Alain Eagles on Facebook, instagram, Drum Cafe, or on the water.13226787_634336920065864_7248504974469005428_n



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