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Wandering around the sponsors tents between heats at the NKF Surf Fest, a sign caught my eye.  “Hydrate, cold beer, hot coffee.”  Trifecta!  Had to check this out.  Randy and the  Hydro Flask crew were definitely on their game.  With a huge spectrum of colors, shapes, and sizes, we dived in for more info.  After all, they have “flask” in their name.


Their construction is tight.  Pro grade stainless steel, powder coated finish that increases grip and durability, honey comb caps for better insulation, and comfy carry handles.  The insulated double wall design eliminates condensation and keeps drinks hot or cold for an impressive amount of time.   Add colorful models for food, cold and hot drinks, libations, and growler sizes for sharing(or not.)  Icing on the cake – light weight and life time warranty.


Real world testing.  Randy handed me a bottle, told me to fill it with cold water, and sit it in the sun.  Not one to argue, I did just that, and stuffed it into my black camera bag. Outside temperature about 90.  I keep meaning to get a new bag because it gets too hot on the beach. Four hours later,  the flask was warm to touch.  But the water was still icy cold!  The next morning, tried the opposite with hot coffee. Only this time putting the flask in the fridge. Three hours later, piping hot.  Whatever the lab testing says, well, it’s true.  Hydro Flask works really well.


You can do some good.  5% of your purchase goes back to helping people or the planet.  There’s even a menu of causes to choose from.   If that’s not chill, what is?

Their link below.




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