Dragons Disturb The Peace


    Seems like there’s no end to Dragon Boat racing.  This last weekend found us in Punta Gorda, FL, at the annual War On The Peace Dragon Boat Fest.  And what a setting.  A beautiful park on the Peace River, marina, on-the-water shops and restaurants, free parking, you could even bring your doggies.


    Talking with James Williams, event coordinator, we discovered the  lowdown is a righteous one.  Via the Chamber Of Commerce, all the proceeds from War On The Peace go to a local education foundation.  They identify “kids at risk” in the eighth grade, partner them with mentors, and upon successful graduation from high school, earn a full scholarship to a Florida college.  According to James, “this one event will fund three full scholarships.”  Talk about paying it forward!


    The popularity of this sport is growing leaps and bounds.  With 600 participants, 30+ teams, more than 25 sponsors, and vendors galore, it’s as we’ve grown to expect at a Dragon Boat Race.  Party Party Party…


    Even the weather couldn’t hold them back.  When the wind and waves posed a safety concern, the entire venue shifted to a protected harbor with exciting sprint races.  No one missed a beat or a smile.  Get behind this race next year – send some kids to college.


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