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Tuna Skin Aquatic Wear


With Tuna Skin aquatic wear, you don’t have to pick sides.

We met Mitch Fusek, cofounder of Tuna Skin, at a Paddle Board race in Clearwater Beach.  His brand was obviously well represented among particiants so we ambled over to their tent after the races started.  It being a hot beach day in Florida, I was already wearing a “big name” synthetic top.  The consensus from the Tuna Skin team, theirs is better.  Once they found out we were from H2ostoked, they threw some duds at us so we could see for ourselves.  Oh my…


Again, we get to put a product through its paces all to benefit you, kind reader.  I hope you feel our sacrifice.  And paces it was.  I wore the same top every day for a week of water, beach, and life bedlam.  The first thing I noticed, was the silky smooth feel of the fabric.  Ultimately comfortable and no sticking or scratching.  Wearing it all day running around in the heat, the weave maintained a smooth feel.  On a long bike ride, it wicked remarkably well and dried quickly despite the humidity.  On my SUP, zero chafe, excellent sun protection, even after jumping in the water to cool off.  Finally, during and after some free diving, it performed flawlessly.  Plus it never got that “synthetic stinky smell.”  Can I gush enough?


I spoke with Mitch again after my week of shirt abuse.  He explained that their attention to detail, and the fact that they actually engineer their textiles to meet a higher standard of form, fit, and function, attributes to their rapidly growing customer loyalty.  “We’re especially excited about 2017 and the launch of our Ahi 0(zero) fabrics.  Both ultra-light weight and a UPF rating of 50, the fabric actually stays several degrees cooler than the outside temp.”


Tuna Skin are even developing a 100% recycled line made from discarded water bottles.  With aquatic wear for women, men, and kids, Tuna Skin definitely has you covered.  We’re just hoping that we have to sacrifice our valuable time testing out next years line.



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