Bring Bring Bring Your Own


Another awesome, and dehydrating event day here in Florida.  Scoping out the possibilities to quench the tropical heat, I spotted a happy looking soul with more than just  another stainless water bottle.  This slick canteen was festooned in a seriously beautiful neoprene cover.  Just so happened that I met Dave Goodison, of bbbyo.


First of all, these drink bottles seriously crank.  They claim to keep beverages cold up to 24 hours, and hot up to 12.  I put ’em to the most practical and official test.  Filled with an icy cold drink, stuck it in the car, and forgot about it until the next day.  Florida sun here kids.  Impressively, still cold.  Then hot coffee the night before.  Yup, hot coffee the next morning. Quite simply, they work as promised.


Change your vibe, change your cover.  Bbbyo’s nature and art inspired sleeves not only protect the sleek finish of your flask, but allow you to tailor your individual “style stamp.”  If you change your mood, mind, or feel, you can rock it with a huge array of artisan bottle covers.


Finally, you gotta love the eco consiousness behind this company.  Their whole goal is providing a product that keeps trash out of our oceans.  They keep production waste to a minimum, up-cycle materials, and provide a rally fresh, fun, fashionable niche.  Oh, prefer your coldie in glass?  There’s a whole line of top quality glass bottles for the purest in taste.

unknown-2 Like the label on all their products – “save our oceans.”





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