Take A Breather

Restube To The Rescue


When a lifeguard comes to the rescue, they’re usually dragging the famous orange torpedo buoy to give a tired swimmer a much needed rest.  Unfortunatly, for the solo surfer, swimmer, diver, rider, a solid plastic buoy just isn’t practical.  Germans to the rescue – more specifically, “Restube.”

From the land of Porsche and BMW, waterman and engineer Chris Fuhrhop sought a solution to some hairy moments in the water.  Something smaller than a life jacket, quick to employ, and easy to aid others.  The Restube was conceived.  Chris reached out to H2ostoked to put Restube through it’s paces.  We happily obliged.


First off, it is not a PFD.  That said, it is very compact, no noticeable drag in the water, quick and easy to employ, and seriously rugged for an inflatable.  Our model had a integrated whistle, and small key pocket.  It’s really ideal to keep your head above water, rest, and re-acess the situation.  Likewise, it’s easy to hand it off to someone in need. Furthermore, it’s simple to repack after inflation for multiple use,  A surf/SUP instructor friend “borrowed” it to test.  I haven’t gotten it back yet. A good sign.


Restube makes a handful of models from basic to sports and full on rescue.  If you’re in need of a secondary safety devise beyond yourself and your board or wetsuit, Restube definitely floats to the surface.


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