Seychelle, No Island In The World Of SUP

    Seychelle Hattingh


    In the West Indian Ocean lies the Seychelles.  This island archipelago surrounded by turquoise waters, lush vegetation, fiery sunsets, and legendary beauty, is reknown world wide for ocean enthusiasts seeking life off the beaten track.  Bring it home to the USA, you’ll land in the Florida Keys.  Meet Seychelle Hattingh.  Keys native, lifetime water woman, and world ranked Paddle Boarder.

    seychelle 2Seychelle hung out with us after winning her last race.  Born and raised in Key Largo, FL, she admitted to never being far from the water for any length of time.  “As much as racing appeals to my competitive spirit, it’s really the amazing vibe and paddle community that keeps me coming back.”

    seychelle 3

    Coming back she has.  In the worlds top ten women’s SUP paddlers.  World record holder for distance and speed, fastest female on earth, SUP woman of the year, too many sponsors to list, and a contagious enthusiasm for everyone involved.

    Seychelle is perhaps best personified by her post race inclination.  After a dominating win, she had a quick snack and drink, then paddled back out to cheer on the remaining (most of the field) finishers.  When we asked her about taking back the overall world distance record, we received an ubiquitous grin and a mischievous glimmer.  “It’s the smiles all around that keeps me going.”

    Catch Seychelle’s smiles and vibe at the source below.



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