Seeing Well Never Looked So Good

Maui Jim Enhances The View


The vernal equinox passed, days are getting longer, which means even more hours of sunshine.  This got us thinking about sunglasses.  Luckily, we got to hang out with Harry Rhodes – the North America Big Kahuna for Maui Jim Sunglasses.  In case you were wondering, Maui Jim has been on the forefront of performance sunglasses since the get-go.  Any “best of” sunglasses reviews, they usually compare to Maui Jim.

maui jim banyans on pro surfer jen lee

According to Harry, “sports and performance optics, especially lens technology, has seen huge advances in recent years.  Maui Jim has been paying attention and improving an already outstanding product.”  When questioned on fashion and styles, “in the function vs fashion realm, while maintaining cutting edge lens quality, we’ve revamped our entire collection to provide the ultimate in style choices.  Especially our women’s line.”


Now the coolest part.  After chatting with Harry, whoa, a pair showed up at the office. With the caveat, put ’em through the paces.  First, the packaging rocked.  Woven bamboo style hard case with a bold Hawaiian print lens cleaner/glasses holder.  Next – seriously light.  I mean clearly the lightest sunglasses I’ve ever worn, and no slip frames.  Finally, the lenses.  We wore them for long days on the beach, paddling boarding, kayaking, driving, biking, and general kicking around.  Complete elimination of glare, and crystal clear optics.  Their ‘Maui Brilliant’ lenses exceed the hype.  Put a pair on, the difference is amazing.


Icing on the cake.  I called the warranty department and fabricated a flimsy “problem.”  No questions asked, I was told to send them back so they could replace them.  Don’t think I will.  They look too good and work too well.  No disclaimers here.  Maui Jim sunglasses are superb! We are seriously impressed and you won’t go wrong.




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