Surf Skis + Outriggers + Powerboats = Insane Phun

    Tocobaga Draft


    The Tocobaga, once a proud people of Tampa Bay.  The Tocobaga Draft; not another microbrew or fantasy baseball pick.  This time, on the Gulf shores of Indian Rocks Beach, Florida, and adventurous group of paddlers lined up for a sprint start to meet their power boat and surf/draft for 10 miles of open water racing.  Awesome, fun, idea!


    We pulled aside JC Malick, race director, surf ski fanatic, marathon swimmer, teacher of children, and devious thinker behind this pandemonium.  “I can’t claim the original idea.  I saw some videos of a west coast event and fell in love with the concept.  I knew I had to put something together for the east coast.”  Put it together he did.  Ample support and draft boats, a Coast Guard escort, and enthusiastic sponsors.  All for the 1st time race.


    Like any successful paddle race, the moon and stars lined up.  Perfect weather, light wind and waters, and enthusiastic racing teams.  Everyone stayed for the final finisher, then headed to the local pub for “hydration,” awards , and ice cream. Be on the lookout for next year to paddle/surf/draft a crazy good time.

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