Fit? Or Lifeguard Fit!

    Coquina Cup 2018


    Not just another day at the beach.  For a Lifeguard anyway, that means multiple runs in the sand, swimming rescues, surfboards rescues, surf ski paddles, in any wave conditions.  Feeling a little tired after a rescue?  No such thing – especially if someone else needs a helping hand.

                                                                                Just another day of plucking swimmers out of a strong current.  

    In 2015, Flagler Beach, FL hosted the Southeast Regional U.S Lifesaving Association Competition.  Being that most Guards only competed once a year, local surf and swim enthusiasts, who also happen to work for the county where Flagler Beach resides, thought they’d add an event for regional Lifeguards to tune up their contest skills.  It worked.  Guards from around the state showed up to brave the sand, gnarly surf, intrepid winds, and incredible mutual support.

    Surf Skis

    Now most of the events we cover, the surfers, swimmers, and paddlers are in awesome condition.  Looks like Lifeguards up the ante.  On this beach on this day, whistles blew and Guards challenged themselves and each other with punishing ocean swims, sprints in the soft sand, prone paddle rescues, and surf ski races.    These men and women took fitness, drive, and determination to levels that should be considered extra-ordinary.

    Lifeguard fit!

    Best of all, they made it look casual.  In fact, the contest mimicked being on shift, hitting the surf, and making rescues. Despite fierce competition for bragging rights and medals, participants lined the finish to welcome and high five all their brothers and sisters.

    In conditions that would cancel most events, for these Lifeguards, “just another day at the beach.”



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